Time and Frequency Measurement Instruments


Frequency Standards, Quantum Reference and Crystal Oscillators:      

CH1-75B Active Hydrogen Maser

New  CH1-95 Active Hydrogen Maser

CH1-76A Passive Hydrogen Maser

CH1-81 Rubidium Frequency Standard

CH1-83 Rubidium Frequency Standard

Power Supply

CH1-84 Rubidium Frequency Standard

High Stability Crystal Oscillators


Time Interval Meters:

Time Interval Meter


Frequency and Phase Comparators,Receivers-Comparators:

CH7-48 Phase Comparator Unit

CHK7-51 Frequency Comparator

CHK7-54 Receiver-Comparator

CHK7-56 Receiver-Comparator


Instruments for Amplification, Distribution and Commutation of Frequency and

Time Signals:

RF Distribution Amplifier

Time Signal Amplifier

Time Scale Corrector

RF Commutator

RF Commutator 115

Special Time-Scale Former

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